About us

About Ghada Awards

The creators quickly leave our mortal world as if they were meteors that illuminate our sky for a while, then they disappear in their distant orbits, leaving a thread of light and question marks that provoke the curiosity of those who come in search of logical answers and calls for a legitimate nostalgia... This is how Ghada Mojtaba Mohsi was in her years, which did not complete her sixteenth cycle, and affected the skies of displacement. Biased to her dream of a world that accommodates everyone of our different colors, cultures, visions and backgrounds. Our common denominator is love and pure humanity...
Ghada painted all art paths she encountered in a distinctive color of creativity, just as someone who puts his immortal fingerprint at the entrances to human cities and imprints his smile on the sails of access to the dwellings of the outskirts of the neighborhoods with its stressful color and good covenant, so Ghada created poetry and prose... drawing and magic... music... dance and thought until she preceded With her steps, she is the age of her age, and in her tongue she surpassed the daughters of Al-Dhad and the language of Uncle Sam...
But she left in compliance with the eternal rule of the universe, there is no god but God, and there is no permanence except for the throne of the Almighty, leaving behind her forced sadness in our homes, streets, alleys, schools, the features of our children and even among our laughter..
In order to preserve the radiance of our resident camel as an extension of it in its peers and daughters of its generation and the coming, it calls on family friends and acquaintances to establish new concepts by establishing the Ghada Cultural Association to be a legitimate offspring of Ghada’s dreams with distinguished youth writers and promising pens that chart the features of a bright future and an incentive to bravely express what is going on inside, as well as the Ghada Cultural Association Maawala to build the homeland through cultural projects targeting different sectors of youth on the sidewalks of life.
As a start to achieve a small part of its dreams, which were legitimized, the group organized the Ghada competition for distinguished young writers with the aim of providing an opportunity for talented and literary talents to show them, help them and encourage them to develop and continue to grow and prosper. Young people of both sexes enjoy many unique energies and abilities in expression in both Arabic and English. Poetry and prose... Glory to them all, to Ghada Al Rahma, and to her eternal memory

General objectives of the association

Spreading positive values and noble human concepts and serving youth and community issues.

Nurturing the literary and artistic talents and abilities of young people of both sexes, helping them to show them and encouraging them to develop and continue them.

Means and activities

  1. Organizing competitive competitions in literature and the various arts.
  2. Establishing cultural, literary and artistic forums.
  3. Capacity development through training workshops.
  4. Organizing literary and cultural exhibitions.
  5. Work to provide the necessary support to nurture youth talents and spread youth work

Cultural Awards

  1. Developing the spirit of initiative and literary courage among young writers.
  2. Stimulating the development of writing and literary talents among the concerned age group.
  3. Develop and nurture promising talents in the field of literature and writing.
  4. Presenting a model for a creative educational alternative that attracts the interest of this age group in the field of literature.
  5. Providing opportunities for publishing creative texts written by promising writers at the beginning of their literary life.
  6. The award also aims in the long run to increase the interest of the youth category in reading, writing and literary literacy.